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Resource allocation is becoming increasingly more complicated and less predictable for utiltiy companies that must respond quickly to a volatile and changing environment. Added to this challenge is the ever-widening gap between available funding and project needs. To meet its founding goal to help smaller utilities with the creation or expansion of Utility Automation solutions, Grid Micro is utilizing its extensive expertise in the Utility Automation world to provide tailored, unique consulting services, including:

◘  Pilot Planning.
◘  AMI Solution Architecting
◘  Technical Support of existing AMI systems (including Communications/network problems for PLC or RF)
◘  Troubleshooting Low Voltage systems such as AMI and distributed DR.
◘  Theft Detection Analysis.
Power Quality Analysis.
◘  Systems Integration.
◘  Vendor Product Management.

Grid Micro also provides special Smart Grid Incubation services specifically customized for an individual utility that is embarking on a first-time Utility Automation solution.  In these cases, we spend time with the utility understanding their needs and work to help them solve the unique investment, communications and IT deployment challenges that arise in any new Smart Grid project. Utilizing our knowledge combined with our hosting abilities and technology partnerships, we work with the utility to Incubate the new energy automation system until it is performing optimally while minimizing the investment the utility has to make until the value of the solution is fully demonstrated.

Overall, Grid Micro has extensive experience in managing utility technology projects. Our team includes IT professionals with extensive utility industry backgrounds. We leverage our large knowledge base and technical resources as champions of the utility.  Using our Consulting Services will enable any utility to effectively reduce costs, improve performance and to most quickly reach return on investment (ROI) goals for Smart Grid technology solutions.

Grid Micro is an innovative IT solutions and service company primarily serving the North American market. Grid Micro's mission is to help our clients clearly define, customize and manage their IT needs in order to take their business to the next level. We offer effective IT solutions including cloud, network infrastructure, managed services, end user support, and Smart Grid AMI services.

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