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At the core of the power industry is a constant struggle between costs and increased demand.  Utilities strive to meet operational requirements, balancing day to day difficulties inherent in power generation, transmission and distribution with the external pressures of customer service, a changing regulatory environment and increasingly volatile market conditions.  Energy costs continue to rise, as do demands for reliability.  Utilities must continually evaluate business strategies, operating performance and technology effectiveness to overcome these hurdles successfully. Applied Smart Grid technologies such as fast demand response, smart metering and low voltage power quality analysis are quickly becoming a necessity for utilities.  

However, as utilities know, establishing effective Smart Grid solutions is not easy, no matter what consultants and vendors tell you initially.  The following are key questions that utilities need to consider:

◘  Do I need to invest in new internal IT structure just for my Smart Grid pilots?
◘  Can I host a cloud AMI Solution from my preferred vendor?
◘  How can I better utilize my existing labor force as the use of technology increases?
◘  Where should I start?  There are so many vendors and what exactly do I need for the health of my grid?
◘  Can I investigate various Smart Grid technologies without adding too much cost?
◘  We have monitoring further up the line but what about down-line from the LV transformer?
◘  How will I add security when I’m already concerned about my labor and infrastructure costs?
◘  I can’t seem to get much traction with consultants and vendors because I’m not a large Investor Owned Utility but I have urgent problems. Can you help me?
◘  My operational costs for outage restoration is growing!  How can I use technology to help?
◘  I have local geographic and regulatory problems – where can I find experienced help that will listen as well as provide advice?

These are just some of the questions and concerns with which Grid Micro Corporation can assist you. Please look at our offered Solutions that are designed to make your Smart Grid solution as simple as plug-and-play.

DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program

Throughout the U.S., intelligence is being added to the grid through the deployment of advanced technologies and grid modernization efforts. This increased intelligence has led to concerns regarding consumer data access and the privacy of consumer energy consumption data.

Historically, utilities have taken very seriously the job of protecting customers’ privacy, and privacy and security protections will remain fundamental objectives. However, with the new technologies being deployed today, these fundamental protections warrant new attention. Consumers must feel secure that their data will be protected and treated responsibly. Therefore, it is important that stakeholders on all sides of the privacy debate work together to address concerns and coordinate activities.

On January 12, 2015, the release of the final concepts and principles for a Voluntary Code of Conduct (VCC) related to the privacy of customer energy usage data for utilities and third parties.

The final VCC is the result of a 22-month multi-stakeholder effort that was facilitated by the Energy Department's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (DOE) in coordination with the Federal Smart Grid Task Force. Companies adopting the DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program will be expected to publicly commit to conformance with and observance of the DataGuard Voluntary Code of Conduct.

Grid Micro can help your Utility navigate the rough seas of compliance to protect your valuable data and consumers privacy.

Grid Micro is an innovative IT solutions and service company primarily serving the North American market. Grid Micro's mission is to help our clients clearly define, customize and manage their IT needs in order to take their business to the next level. We offer effective IT solutions including cloud, network infrastructure, managed services, end user support, and Smart Grid AMI services.

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