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The right mix of cloud solutions creates business and technical operational agility. Cloud services are flexible, scalable and automatically updated. They also reduce the upfront capital investment and long-term maintenance costs, since there is often little or no infrastructure to buy or maintain on your end.

At Grid Micro, our team works with business to determine which kinds of cloud services are suited to your objectives, workforce, business practices and IT expertise. Our services include Virtual Private Servers, Remote Data Backup, Hosted Exchange, Email Services, Hosted IP Phone and Network Protection Services – all on Grid Micro’s private cloud. Beyond providing the services themselves, we can also assist with migration strategies and integrating cloud solutions alongside your legacy IT infrastructure.

If you company is currently using cloud services we can provide your business with the expertise to maintain and manage your cloud system without having to switch providers. Along with having our own private clouds service offerings we can support your existing cloud deployment across any of our partners including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Verizon Cloud, Spectrum Cloud (TWC) and Google Cloud Services.

With Grid Micro, you're never alone in the cloud. You get trusted knowledgeable support from our experienced team of cloud engineers.

Scale on Demand - Pay as You Go...

Grid Micro's pay-as-you-go cloud services can quickly scale up or down to match businessdemands, you only pay for what you use. Detailed time oriented billing and our ability to becompetitive in the market for our popular infrastructure services like servers, storageand bandwidth mean you’re always getting unbeatable price for performance.

Run Your Software Anywhere/Anytime...

As a private cloud service provider, Grid Micro runs on a worldwide network of managed data centers across multiple vendors including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud combined with our private cloud infrastructure. Providing a dynamic and growing global footprint offering our customers lots of options for running applications and ensuring great customer performance.


Make Smart Business Decisions...

Our comprehensive suite of reports, monitoring and device management will allow you make smarter business decisions, improve customer service and uncover new business possibilities from your infrastructure systems and application data.

Protect Your Data...

We know some business organizations can be cautious or wary of the cloud. That’s why Grid Micro provides industry-leading controls and security to ensure the protection and privacy of your business data integrity.


Rely on a Trusted Cloud Provider...

From small development & pilot test projects to enterprise global product launches, Grid Micro is engineered to handle any work load. We offer enterprise grade Service Level Agreements on all our services, 24/7/365 tech support and round-the-clock pro-active network service health monitoring.

For more information or to schedule a support consultation for our Cloud Services and Solutions, please feel free to give us a call toll-free at (844) 474-3642 or contact us online.

Grid Micro is an innovative IT solutions and service company primarily serving the North American market. Grid Micro's mission is to help our clients clearly define, customize and manage their IT needs in order to take their business to the next level. We offer effective IT solutions including cloud, network infrastructure, managed services, end user support, and Smart Grid AMI services.

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