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Your company data and databases are the life blood of your business and a virtual extension of your organization. Maintaining this information as a flexible and uninterrupted flow of data is absolutely critical in keeping your business operating smoothly and efficiently – to put it simply, data flow interruptions simply cannot be tolerated.

Companies today demand the highest levels of data security and information availability to support their daily business function, but most often do not have the staffing, time or necessary skill level to properly service their data driven business needs. With Managed Data Solutions from Grid Micro, your company will have the time to focus on their core business while knowing their data and database demands will be delivered at peak performance and resilience.

Grid Micro offers the following Data Solutions and Database Service:

◘  On-Site and Remote Database Administration
◘  Database Disaster Planning, Execution & Backup
◘  Data Driven Application Support
◘  Database Monitoring & Security Auditing

As a long standing provider of smart utility grid database driven managed services, Grid Micro is experience with various sized databases into the 10's of terabyte in size. We have helped companies maximize and maintain the healthy flow of information throughout their business process. With our services, customers can rest assured that their company data is protected through the implementation of best practice backups and recovery procedures, with an added focus on disaster recovery.

Our experienced database administrators are available 24/7 to provide on-site and remote database administration support services, as well as a full portfolio of data support, backup, monitoring,and disaster recovery services. Our proactive data management and database administration can ensure that the shortfalls and issues that may prevent you from being able to provide the proper data to the right people when and where they need it.

Our seasoned database administrators handing the everyday tasks of logging file management, database sizing, service pack upgrades and services patches, you and your company can focus on the critical data that lies within the database itself. Our support a wide array of databases and applications, including:

◘  Microsoft SQL Server
◘  MySQL Server
◘  Oracle Database Server
◘  Microsoft Sharepoint Server

For more information or to schedule a support consultation for our Data Services and Database Solutions, please feel free to give us a call toll-free at (844) 474-3642 or contact us online.

Grid Micro is an innovative IT solutions and service company primarily serving the North American market. Grid Micro's mission is to help our clients clearly define, customize and manage their IT needs in order to take their business to the next level. We offer effective IT solutions including cloud, network infrastructure, managed services, end user support, and Smart Grid AMI services.

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