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Grid Micro Corporation is a privately held Delaware Corporation, self-funded since our inception in December 2013, with headquarters in Mount Holly, North Carolina. Grid Micro is a leading provider of integrated Information Technology (IT) solutions for small to mid-sized business and the Utility industry in the North American market spaces. We help our customer base of small to mid-size business, investor owned, municipal and cooperative utility customers by delivering effective solutions for their increasingly complex Information Technology needs. 

Our broad array of offerings range across integrated IT solutions, network engineering. security management, data center optimization, cloud computing, virtualization and collaboration, all designed with the small to mid-sized business and utility industry in mind. We are technology agnostic, offering a product portfolio including multiple IT and Utility Automation vendors. We provide our products and solutions through our sales force and service delivery teams of highly skilled technology specialists and advanced service delivery engineers.

Because Grid Micro Corporation is a privately held company, our stock is not currently publicly traded. From time to time, shares of Grid Micro stock do change hands between private investors. However, Grid Micro does not provide a public list of buyers or sellers of our Common Class A and B stock at this time. In these private stock transactions, Grid Micro Corporation acts as the transfer agent and provides the necessary documentation to our investors.

We welcome private investors that are interested in becoming part of Grid Micro's unique offering in the Utility Automation and IT market spaces.

Inquiries for a private investment portfolio should be directed to our Investor Relations Contact: Edward Clifford, Chief Financial Officer - Grid Micro Corporation

Grid Micro is an innovative IT solutions and service company primarily serving the North American market. Grid Micro's mission is to help our clients clearly define, customize and manage their IT needs in order to take their business to the next level. We offer effective IT solutions including cloud, network infrastructure, managed services, end user support, and Smart Grid AMI services.

Toll Free: 1.844.GRIDMICR (474.3642)
Toll Free Fax: 1.844.332.3922

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